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We believe in capturing the best moments at your event

We love working with our clients and capturing their moments. For us, every second counts, so we have an eye for detail. We leave no room for error. So you don’t have to worry about missing out on precious moments. Just be at the scene we will capture each second it.

Our clients can choose from multiple sessions, and even include add-ons depending on their event. We also provide consultation before each session.

Meet the fam!

Trust us to capture your precious moments

Photography is the art of capturing candid and beautiful moments that can bring back countless memories. Be it a black and white image or a moment full of colors, we put a lot of work in every session.

Avery Lucas

Assistant Photographer

Mastermind behind our groundbreaking campaigns.

Dana Lin

Spot boys

Ensuring a seamless and delightful customer experience.

Jordan Daniels

Senior Photographer

A visionary leader with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Morgan Little

Junior Photographer

The strategic force steering us towards success.

Creative Expressions

Unleashing Creative Power

A snapshot of our collective achievements, made possible through dedication and teamwork


Years in business

Recipient of media industry awards, highlighting our innovative content production and dissemination strategies.


Customer feedback

Our audience rates us 4.8/5, enjoying our engaging media content and finding inspiration and entertainment.


Publication features

Over 5000 inspired audiences, showcasing our media expertise, compelling content, and commitment to engaging and entertaining experiences.


Engaged Audience

Delivering top-notch service to our customers every day

I desperately wanted my baby’s newborn photoshoot but was so scared of how they would handle a newborn. But I have to say they did it in the most professional and caring way!

Creative Visionary

Senior Photographer, MediaFirst

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